Jacques Cartier

Jacques Cartier


Size 85x85 cm. The print is glued on a 2mm brushed aluminum plate and DiaMounted with silicone behind 5mm plexiglass. Edition of 3. 

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David Carlson has a long and deep relationship with old fashioned roses. His new series of rose photography started already twenty years ago when the family moved to Falsterbo and the first rose bushes after careful selection were planted in the sandy soil. Today there are growing more than 125 bushes of over 80 different species of old roses, all contributing to transform the garden into a fragrant, lush oasis. Towards the end of June and beginning of July the garden is David's private paradise, his own kingdom of glory.

"The roses in the garden all have their peculiarities and what I invest in them, they give back a thousand times. The ones I have chosen to take photos of is all close to my heart, David Carlson says.”

In his images David transform the roses from everyday garden plants to become symbolic multilayered objects. In this way, each image is an experience that involves several senses, not just the smell and sight, but also stimulates the tactile instinct and makes you want to reach out and touch the velvety leaves, weigh the flower in your hand. Their sensuality is accentuated against the black background, and we are given the opportunity to observe and familiarize ourselves with them as if for the first time.

"The old fashioned roses are part of humanity's cultural history - legendary for its medicinal properties and inspiration for both poems as art. They offer a variety of qualities. Old-fashioned roses are holistic sustainable and relevant to most of us by being a symbol of both beauty and love. We can dream us away in the amazing scents, multilayered flavors and their historical name - Fantin Latour, Aimable Amie, Jacques Cartier, Duchesse de Rohan, Stanwell Perpetual - all having a history that extends over several centuries. The old fashioned roses continue to touch us with its vital and cross-pollinating synesthesia, David concludes."

All rose pictures are taken in natural light.