Creative agency:

David Carlson works as a holistic catalyst for corporate brands and organizations to manage the challenges of tomorrow. David Carlson offers services like design strategy, advisory, futurescaping, creative direction and facilitation of creative workshops and ideation sessions - all of them leading up into groundbreaking concepts, products, services, communication possibilities or even new brands.

Interim assignments: 

David Carlson can work on interim assignments to manage a period of transition or change within an organisation.


Strategic creative direction:

David Carlson provides know-how and delivers bespoke solutions to corporate brands that need a repositioning, a revitalized approach or just a more desirable product and service offering. David Carlson uses design and creativity as strategic tools to increase performance and market differentiation and thus attract the consumers in a more powerful way. With an outstanding international designer network david carlson helps brands create partnerships, products and services that are worth talking about.

Global network:

David Carlson maintain a global network of the most talented designers, creatives and recognized thought-leaders and will thus be able to offer a bespoke and multidisciplinary mix of experts for each assignment.


David Carlson offers futurscaping that seeks to identify the global design context and different diverse and emergent stands of development which will permit a corporation to become inclusive and proactive in managing change. david carlson will swivell the rubik cube in many different ways - arrange and re-arrange it - to highlight potential new strings to corporate/design DNA of a brand. The futurescaping includes an overview of relevant macro paradigms and a variety of referencing examples from different areas, cultures and industries. Superior brand champions in relevant categories are highlighted. 


Internationally sought after as a speaker at conferences, seminars, schools, and corporate events, David Carlson tells stories in an informed and inspiring manner about his holistic approach at the intersection of design, culture, and business. Recently, his assignments took him to USA, UK, France, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Iceland, Chile, Holland, Austria, Slovenia, Taiwan, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Russia, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

Photography and filming:

David Carlson offers services within photography and film, by himself, and in conjunction with his network of practitioners with proven skills. Signed limited edition prints of David's landscape and rose photography for sale here.



Humanistic values:

Over the last decade corporations have been insufficient in satisfying and addressing longer term humanistic qualities. The global approach has been to converge fuse like-solutions and optimize resources at the expense of cultural identity, individual craftsmanship, and human centred design solutions. There is a growing demand for a more responsive approach, that is able to include our intuitive feelings and emotions, a desire for greater diversity, variety, sensuality, and a bespoke responsiveness that go beyond our everyday needs.

Leave the glutted highway and take a ride with david carlson at the scenic route.

Some past and present clients of David Carlson: E.ON, Iittala, Wallvision, Absolut, BMW, Borgstena, Audi, IKEA, EFG, Volvo and City of Malmö to mention a few.